Michelle Fenantes-Steiner

People and Culture Manager, Chicago

"I decided to transition careers because I wanted to do something that was not only fulfilling for myself but that created some type of positive impact in the community. I am very excited about my role and what I do every day."

As People and Culture Manager, Michelle is deeply committed to our mission and values. She is particularly passionate about fostering our caregivers' professional growth and development, helping them reach their full potential, and providing meaningful opportunities for advancement within our team. She has done this by helping spearhead our initiative to professionalize best-in-class caregivers by showcasing their profiles on our website. We can offer our clients and caregivers more options than ever, leading to better matches, greater care consistency, and more transparency.

Michelle knows that the quality of care we provide is directly linked to the satisfaction and retention of our caregivers. High turnover among caregivers can have a detrimental effect on the care we provide. With this in mind, she's selective in hiring and oversees ongoing training and support for caregivers to help ensure that our caregivers feel valued and supported in their roles and that they're part of a successful team.
In addition to these efforts, Michelle is also committed to actively seeking feedback from our caregivers and taking steps to address any concerns or issues they may have. By fostering open and transparent communication, she aims to create a culture of trust and mutual respect within our team.

She lived in Mexico City for eleven years and has two cats and a dog. Growing up, she also had an Amazon parrot named Hercules.


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