Location: Chicago

Years Experience: 14

Type: Caregiver

Languages: English

Certifications: Hospice Care

Talisha D


Meet Talisha, a dedicated caregiver with over 13 years of experience, driven by her unwavering passion for helping others. Talisha is a proactive individual who thrives on staying busy and working diligently to provide exceptional care.

Currently pursuing her MA, Talisha's commitment to personal and professional growth is evident. She approaches her caregiving role as a team player, earning trust with her reliable and compassionate nature.

In her free time, Talisha finds solace in poetry and attending church. These activities reflect her well-rounded and balanced approach to life, which she seamlessly integrates into her caregiving.

Talisha's dedication extends to the kitchen, where she enjoys cooking for and with her clients, fostering a sense of companionship and well-being. Her clients benefit from her talent for making them feel good about themselves, boosting their self-esteem and happiness.

Talisha's expertise covers a broad spectrum, including dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, mobility impairments, hospice care, post-hospital support, catheter care, tracheotomy care, range of motion exercises, and assistance with bathing and showering. Her love for music adds an extra dimension to her caregiving, providing comfort and joy to her clients.

In summary, Talisha is a caring and skilled caregiver who continuously seeks to enhance her knowledge and skills. She makes a positive impact on the lives of those she cares for, offering not only physical assistance but also emotional support and a genuine connection that fosters well-being and happiness.


  • Have paid caregiving experience or a CNA, PCA, LPN, or RN
  • Be age 21 or older
  • Pass a comprehensive background check, drug test, and reference check
  • Pass PHC’s skills & knowledge assessment
  • Have a good driving record and an insured vehicle
  • Basic English speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Current TB immunization

Services our Caregivers Provide

Medication Management

Timely cues to take the right medication at the right time.


A conversation, sharing stories, a walk in the park, a cup of coffee in the morning, a bond. Caregivers listen, learn, and are good company.

Personal Care

Assisting with dressing, bathing, and daily hygiene. Our skill-assessed caregivers are ready to help.

Light Housekeeping

Doing laundry or dishes, tidying around the house, taking out the garbage, and many other house chores are a part of our daily duties.

Meal Prep/Groceries

Planning and preparing healthy meals, following an old family recipe, and trips to the grocery store.


Whether it’s to a doctor’s appointment or to a loved one’s home, caregivers can always provide a ride.

Daily Exercise

We help clients lead an active lifestyle by following an exercise plan or simply encouraging physical activity.

Social Outings & Routine

We help clients live life to the fullest by supporting daily routines and planning indoor and outdoor activities.

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