Tanya Dunlap

On-Call Coordinator

Tanya serves as the On-Call Coordinator at Private Home Care, where she plays an essential role in overseeing administrative and scheduling responsibilities. Additionally, she provides invaluable troubleshooting support after regular office hours. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Studies from Fontbonne University. Tanya combines her academic background with a heartfelt desire to make a difference, particularly in the lives of vulnerable populations such as seniors, children, and disabled individuals.

Passionate about education, Tanya prioritizes learning and uses it as a personal development tool. Her favorite way to acquire knowledge is from within the pages of books. To her, one of the most magical places is a library. She describes them as a gateway to discovering the world.

Her role at Private Home Care allows her to channel her enthusiasm for helping people directly into enhancing the lives of seniors. By assisting in the company's mission, she makes a meaningful impact, ensuring clients receive the quality care they deserve.

When she's not coordinating schedules or resolving issues, Tanya indulges in her hobbies of reading, researching, and exploring history. Her nurturing spirit is evident in her professional and personal life as a proud mother to a son, as well as a cat and dog. Whether navigating the intricate logistics of caregiving or spending quiet moments with a good book, Tanya embodies the values of compassion, commitment, and lifelong learning.

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