Location: Kansas City

Years Experience: 31

Type: Certified Nursing Assistant

Languages: English

Certifications: CNA, Hospice Care

Sharon S


With an incredible 30-year career in caregiving, Sharon is a seasoned Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Her journey has blended professional excellence and personal growth, consistently emphasizing love, determination, and trust. Her longest client relationship, an astonishing nine years, is a testament to her unparalleled commitment to her clients' needs.

Sharon's caregiving philosophy is grounded in authenticity and engagement. She believes in being herself to build a trusting rapport with her clients, understanding that trust forms the cornerstone of effective caregiving. Beyond mere professionalism, Sharon's approach combines skill with soul. Her expertise encompasses the challenges of dementia and mobility impairment, and she is well-equipped to administer catheter and personal care. Her experiences in hospice care have also endowed her with the emotional fortitude to handle the most sensitive life stages gracefully.

What sets Sharon apart is her ardent desire to inspire the next generation of caregivers. She hopes that her life's work will empower younger people to enter this noble profession and continue the cycle of giving, empathy, and quality care.

Sharon embodies caregiving ideals—skill, compassion, and an unquenchable desire to do good. Her three-decade career has impacted countless lives and set a high standard for what it means to be a caregiver in the truest sense of the word.


  • Have paid caregiving experience or a CNA, PCA, LPN, or RN
  • Be age 21 or older
  • Pass a comprehensive background check, drug test, and reference check
  • Pass PHC’s skills & knowledge assessment
  • Have a good driving record and an insured vehicle
  • Basic English speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Current TB immunization

Services our Caregivers Provide

Medication Management

Timely cues to take the right medication at the right time.


A conversation, sharing stories, a walk in the park, a cup of coffee in the morning, a bond. Caregivers listen, learn, and are good company.

Personal Care

Assisting with dressing, bathing, and daily hygiene. Our skill-assessed caregivers are ready to help.

Light Housekeeping

Doing laundry or dishes, tidying around the house, taking out the garbage, and many other house chores are a part of our daily duties.

Meal Prep/Groceries

Planning and preparing healthy meals, following an old family recipe, and trips to the grocery store.


Whether it’s to a doctor’s appointment or to a loved one’s home, caregivers can always provide a ride.

Daily Exercise

We help clients lead an active lifestyle by following an exercise plan or simply encouraging physical activity.

Social Outings & Routine

We help clients live life to the fullest by supporting daily routines and planning indoor and outdoor activities.

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