In-Home Care: The Basics

In-home care services bring multifaceted solutions directly into the homes of individuals seeking assistance while preserving their sense of dignity within familiar surroundings. Such services benefit older adults, people grappling with disabilities, and those recovering from illness or surgery.

Many older adults experience anxiety about moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility—an inclination rooted deeply in concerns over perceived obstacles to autonomy. A cherished benefit of in-home care is the affirmation and sustenance of an independent and self-governing lifestyle. Additionally, in-home care empowers individuals to sustain their hobbies, social habits, and routines.

At PHC, we ensure that in-home care remains rooted in service and passion. PHC hand selects professional caregivers to support your loved one’s passions and meet your loved one’s needs. The repertoire of home care encompasses a variety of assistance surrounding daily tasks facilitation, medication management, and mobility aid.

For individuals needing modest assistance while undertaking everyday activities, reliance upon in-home care may yield more favorable outcomes than seeking accommodation within long-term care facilities. We aim to meet the clients where they are and bring them the quality of life they deserve. Moreover, PHC customizes crucial attributes of our care plans to support every client best. We staff certified nursing assistants (CNAs), level one med aides (LIMA), CPR-certified caregivers, and professionals with years of experience in their field.

Lastly, in-home care allows caregivers and clients to build lifelong relationships and ensure cognitive stimulation. Through PHC’s lunch-on-us programs— where caregivers are invited to a free lecture and provided a meal, we keep our caregivers updated on the most reliable in-home treatments and new practices.

Compared to alternative solutions, in-home care stands out for its remarkable flexibility. To learn more about home care, please contact us via phone or communicate directly with one of our agents using the live chat option on our website.

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