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At Private Home Care, one of our Core Values is Our Mission is the Match. Our Live-in Program truly embodies this by ensuring clients are matched with a dedicated, consistent two-person team that is perfect for their unique needs. Live-in care provides unmatched caregiver consistency for our clients and helps them thrive at home, all while offering the most cost-effective way to ensure 24/7 care support.

At the core of this personalized and comprehensive care solution is a team of best-in-class care managers who not only supervise care but also draw on community resources, knowledge, and expertise. This empowers our clients to design their own care journey and enjoy the comfort of their own homes for as long as they desire. In many cases, we collaborate with third-party care managers to ensure the best possible care outcomes for our clients.

Our Live-in Program is best for those who:

  • Want to remain at home or at their current level of care forever, or for as long as possible
  • Need short-term oversight to prevent negative health outcomes or hospital readmissions
  • Prefer a consistent, long-term team of fewer caregivers who are solely dedicated to their care
  • Need full-time support during a transitional period or to provide temporary respite
  • Want a cost-effective alternative to moving away from home into a long-term care community
  • Need 24/7 care oversight but can generally sleep through the night*

*Live-in Caregivers are required to have separate sleeping arrangements in the home and must be able to get 8 hours of total sleep per night with 5 uninterrupted hours.

Additional Live-in Program benefits include:

Access to professional Care Managers who provide holistic recommendations and leverage community resources
Extra engagement with Specialty Programming including art therapy, support groups, daily exercise, cognitive stimulation exercises, improvisation workshops to support those with memory impairment, music therapy, pet therapy, and others
Specialty diet accommodations
Day trips, social outings, and other activities
Legacy workshops

Frequently asked questions

Live-in care is a type of home care where a team of two caregivers is assigned to live with the client in their own home, providing 24/7 support and assistance. One caregiver works four consecutive days, while the other works for three consecutive days, providing continuous presence and care for the client. Live-in care is designed to provide consistency and one-to-one engagement between the caregiver and the client, which is especially important for clients with memory impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. It allows clients to remain in their homes for as long as possible, retain independence, and prevent escalation of care needs. Live-in caregivers focus on providing preventative, proactive care to enable clients to enjoy independence and a high quality of life.

Our Live-in Program goes beyond placing skill-assessed, experienced caregivers with clients. It includes professional management by best-in-class care managers who work closely with our clients and their families to identify care goals and create holistic plans of care. Our care managers also coordinate with other providers, including private geriatric care managers. They leverage community resources to enhance the experience of clients who are receiving live-in care and are experts in managing complex medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and other dementias and Parkinson’s. Finally, our Live-in Program includes access to specialty services including but not limited to art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, daily exercise, and specialty diet accommodations.

Live-in care is suitable for anyone who requires assistance with daily activities but wants to stay in their own home instead of moving to a care community. If the client is already in a long term care community, live-in may be appropriate to prevent that person from moving to a higher level of care. Live-in care is also suitable for clients requiring full-time support for a short period of time. We generally have a four day minimum for live-in care.

Care can begin almost immediately after an initial in-home assessment.

In many cases, yes. It’s entirely possible for clients to stay at home or in a home setting for as long as they choose. Many of our live-in clients wish to remain at home until they pass away. The average duration of a live-in client that has been with us for more than 90 days is 4.5 years. During an initial assessment, our care managers identify each person’s goals and work on a plan to proactively focus on quality of life, goals, and other interests in addition to daily care needs.

Because we pride ourselves on making an ideal match between each client and their dedicated two-person Live-in Care team, we ask that clients commit to at least four days of care on the Program. We want this to be an option for family caregivers in need of temporary respite, people on a waitlist for care community placement, those who’re coming home from surgery or rehab, and others who need live-in support on a short term basis.

Live-in caregivers, like all of our caregivers at Private Home Care, undergo a thorough background check, character references, physical wellness evaluation, and most importantly are evaluated for experience, compassion, and alignment with our Core Values:
Our Mission is the Match
Care for Clients, Care for Teammates, Care for Self
It’s all about Trust
We Challenge the Home Care Status Quo

Live-in caregivers have access to health insurance, dental insurance and 401(k) retirement plan contributions with a company match, just like all other full-time caregivers at Private Home Care.

No. Live-in caregivers have their own homes and do not live with the client or use the client’s address for any reason. By law, they must have access to a private room at the client’s residence with a bed and access to a bathroom. Caregivers will take their belongings with them after each shift and prepare the space for their teammate.

No. We do not have long-term contracts, and there is no long-term commitment. Many of our clients are with us for years, while others are with us for a few days following a surgery, or several months following a fall, etc. We’re there when you need us, for as long as you need us.

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