Diana Tucker


Diana knows firsthand the importance of caring for people in their own homes and the positive impact well-structured in-home care can have on quality of life. Coming from a close-knit family that honored and cherished their elders, Diana was determined to build a company that reflected these same values and offered a better way to deliver client-centered care. As a result, she created and implemented the One-to-One Care Model, which aims to deliver personalized, transparent, and consistent care and places a strong emphasis on customer service and building team camaraderie in the workplace. Our culture's focus on strong relationships lends itself well to positive care outcomes for our clients.

As President, Diana is always looking for ways to innovate and improve through technology. She is committed to applying technology to optimize processes and to make it easier for clients and caregivers to be matched and connected. Ultimately, technology helps us reach our goal of connecting people and care.

In addition to her commitment to innovation, Diana is also dedicated to the well-being and care of caregivers. She recognizes that caregivers play the most important role in the success of Private Home Care and leads our management team in creating a supportive, positive work environment to attract best-in-class caregivers. This includes providing growth and development opportunities, paying higher wages, and implementing policies prioritizing health and safety. Furthermore, Diana is passionate about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy and works to ensure we operate sustainably and responsibly and that we consider the impact of our company's actions on the broader community.

In all her work at Private Home Care, Diana values collaboration and open communication and is always willing to consider different viewpoints to make the best decisions and drive our company forward. As Private Home Care grows, Diana continues building systems that improve how we connect people and care while maintaining our focus on relationships and personalization. In fact, by growing our team of caregivers and leveraging technology, we can offer our clients better matches and more customized options than ever before.

In her spare time, Diana loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, and staying active. A life-long athlete, Diana was part of a competitive gymnastics team and trained to compete in the Olympics.

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