What is Private Home Care’s Vetting Process?

Let’s unpack this crucial topic.

At Private Home Care, vetting a caregiver involves a series of steps designed to ensure that the individual is qualified, trustworthy, and capable of providing high-quality care. Our vetting process goes above and beyond to verify the skills and credentials of every applicant. PHC accepts top caregivers exclusively because we offer higher pay, benefits, and work consistency.

Step One: Virtual Interview

At our applicant’s earliest convenience, we conduct a phone interview. Applicants discuss their field experiences and review their resumes. Our virtual interview allows us and our applicants to see if we are a good match, which is a vital part of the vetting process.

Step Two: In-Person Interviews/Meet & Greet

If we see a potential within an applicant, we invite them to one of our three offices for a formal interview. At the interview, we require the applicant to provide a few forms of identification. We use this information to verify their licenses, certifications, and skills. Additionally, before hiring an applicant, PHC performs a criminal background check, a review of driving records, and family care safety registry check. We aim to identify any potential red flags that indicate the caregiver is unsuitable for the role.

Moreover, at PHC, we are looking for the best, and though it is not required, we strive to have Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or CPR-certified staff. We ask applicants to re-verify their skills and abilities concerning caregiving. Assessing the caregiver’s past work experience is critical to understanding their suitability for the role.

As we proceed through the vetting process, we search for the spark. Caregiving is no easy task; it requires passionate, consistent, and hard-working individuals.

We delve into their personal profile once we have assessed their professional attributes. PHC uncovers what makes every applicant unique, their goals, how they work to achieve them, and their hobbies. We compile this information for our match profiles. At PHC, we are searching for the perfect match for every client and need a well-rounded staff ready to accommodate any request.

Step Three: Orientation

Hired applicants return for an orientation day, where they learn the ins and outs of their duties. In addition to this, PHC invites all hired staff to special lunch-on-us events, where we invite speakers to discuss new ways to improve caregiving.

Step Four: On the Job

Lastly, our vetting process does not end once an applicant is hired. Our caregivers are held accountable throughout their tenure at PHC. We take client feedback and use it to improve our services. At any time, a client can leave a review on their caregiver. Scan the QR code located on every caregiver’s badge. Positive or negative, we want to hear your thoughts on our caregivers.

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