Valia L

Valia has been a caregiver with Private Home Care since 2014. For Valia, caregiving is more than just a job – it’s a profession that she takes very seriously and approaches with the utmost dedication and commitment. She has a wealth of experience caring for clients with a variety of needs, including those with dementia, multiple strokes, hypertension, and cancer. In her previous role as a caregiver, Valia was responsible for managing all aspects of her client’s care, including providing transportation to appointments, preparing meals that met specific dietary restrictions, and providing medication reminders.

Despite her extensive experience as a caregiver, Valia’s career path wasn’t always focused on caregiving. Before entering the field, Valia had a background in education. She worked as an instructor in Ancient Greek, Old Church Slavonic, and Russian classical Literature and served as a mentor for new teachers and a sponsor for student teachers. Valia also holds a Master’s degree in Literature and has taught at the university level. This background in education has given her the skills and knowledge necessary to be an exceptional, responsible, and trustworthy caregiver.

In addition to her caregiving skills, Valia is also a talented artist. She has always had a passion for the arts, and her creative abilities have allowed her to connect with her clients in unique and meaningful ways. Whether it’s through painting, drawing, or other forms of artistic expression, Valia has found that art can be a powerful tool for connecting with and supporting her clients.

For Valia, the most rewarding aspect of caregiving is the opportunity to build relationships with her clients and make a positive impact on their lives. She has the ability to form strong bonds with her clients and quickly become an integral part of their care plans, and she takes great pride in the trust and confidence that they place in her. Despite the challenges that come with caregiving, Valia is deeply passionate about her work and finds great fulfillment in helping her clients live healthy, happy, and independent lives.

Overall, Valia is an exceptional caregiver dedicated to providing her clients with the best care and support. Her combination of caregiving skills, educational background, and artistic talent make her a valuable member of the PHC team and an asset to any care team.