Marianne Gormley

Director of Client Services & Marketing, Kansas City

Marianne joined Private Home Care to lead the new Kansas City office and help them deliver the same outstanding service they are known for in St. Louis.

Marianne’s first interaction with Private Home was actually when she hired them to take care of her father in his home in St. Louis. After being disappointed with other home health care companies, she turned to PHC and loved working with them. The One-to-One Care Model, concierge-level service, and personal attention they gave her father was unlike any other company.

After the experience of caring for her beloved father and his death, she wants to help fill the gaps to help seniors age in place in their homes in the Kansas City area. She believes in the One-to-One Care Model and wants to help PHC expand into other markets.

"When I was in Kansas City and my dad was in St. Louis, I worried about him all the time,” Marianne said. “He had to go in and out of the hospital and was unable to be by himself at home. I wasn't always able to reach my dad, but Private Home Care stepped in and was like family to him. They went with him to the hospital and helped take care of him when I couldn't be there. That is why I started working for PHC, to be there for families who need that support and service. They can find comfort in knowing they can trust us to make sure their loved one is cared for just as well as a family member would take care of them."

Marianne is an advertising professional with an extensive background in integrated marketing. She has 30+ years of advertising experience on the ad agency, client and media sales side. She loves to work with people and help them achieve their goals.

Marianne's priority is building relationships with clients. Her past experience helps her to understand the need to help clients and to help set expectations. She also brings ideas about how to expand and create company partnerships that will better serve clients.

Marianne understands first-hand what pressures and priorities clients are facing. Clients are stressed for time and need to maximize their funds with less dollars then they used to have. It is her goal to help clients plan and prioritize their needs for their loved ones.

One of the key services Marianne loves about PHC is the urgency they provide when it comes to helping a client's family member. She tries to provide solutions quickly, be flexible, and provide open and honest communication. She also loves the way caregivers and clients are treated like family. Everyone is treated with respect which is a key factor to job satisfaction.

Marianne loves to manage projects and is able to put out fires as they arise. Clients love her persistence and loyalty.

"There is never a problem too big or too small that we don't take on,” Marianne said. “We are there to help our clients. Working for PHC isn't like a job--I love being a part of this company!"

Marianne has lived in Kansas City since 1987. She is a St. Louis native who still loves the St. Louis Cardinals! She’s a graduate of KU--Rock Chalk!--with a degree in Journalism and Advertising.

Marianne is a mother to three adult children: two boys and a girl. She loves live music and sporting events, especially KU basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and baseball.

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