Why You Need a Caregiver after a Stroke

Hiring a professional caregiver after a stroke can help stroke victims not only recover at home but can help provide a better recovery.

Research has shown that recovering from a stroke at home can help with the healing process since the stroke victim can heal in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. But in many cases, stroke victims need a significant amount of support as they work to regain mobility and independence. That’s why many families turn to Private Home Care to support the family and to provide the best chance at a successful recovery for their loved one. 

Private Home Care’s professional caregivers are specially trained to support those who have suffered a stroke and do so in many ways:

Coordination of Care and Treatment Plan Support

After a stroke, your loved one will have many follow-up appointments with doctors and therapists. Private Home Care’s caregivers can help with transportation as well as serve as their advocate.

Our professional stroke caregivers also are experienced in implementing stroke treatment plans that are designed by your loved one’s doctors and therapists to ensure the best recovery. They can help your loved one follow their medication schedule, prepare and serve food according to dietary guidelines, and provide reminders and support for daily stroke rehabilitation exercises.

Caregivers Build Confidence and Independence after a Stroke

After a stroke, your loved one may have difficulty with basic functions, like talking, walking, or moving their body. The lasting effects of the stroke also make it very difficult to perform daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, or grooming themselves. Our professional caregivers are trained to help your loved one with these tasks while maintaining their dignity after a stroke. They also  provide encouragement and support as your loved one takes on these challenges and regains their abilities.

Curb Loneliness and Depression

Many stroke victims experience loneliness, isolation, and depression after a stroke. Private Home Care believes creating connections and building relationships is an important role of caregiving. So our caregivers provide companionship as well as encouragement so your loved one can enjoy life again.

Family Member Support

After a loved one has a stroke, many families want to help. However, they may feel overwhelmed or lack the knowledge or even the physical ability to care for their loved one. Caring for a stroke victim is hard work and can be exhausting, especially if they need 24-hour care. The stress and physical toll of caring for a loved one can even put the caregiver’s own health at risk. Our professional caregivers have the knowledge and experience to give your loved one the best stroke recovery possible and can reduce the stress on family members and prevent family caregiver burnout. 

Recurring Stroke Risk Prevention 

After a stroke, your loved one is at risk of experiencing a recurrent stroke. With first time or recurrent strokes, the earlier your loved one can receive medical attention, the better their health outcome will be. We understand how critical early identification can be, so Private Home Care’s caregivers are trained to watch for early signs of a stroke.

Caregivers for Stroke Recovery

Private Home Care offers many options for stroke recovery support. You can choose to have a caregiver for just a few hours a week up to 24-hour or live-in care. We also provide care both in people’s homes or as additional support at retirement or assisted living communities. We offer complimentary in-home assessments, so please call us to find out how we can help at (844) 785-2273.

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